Videos: Working with LaTeX

In 2011 and 2012 I created a series of video tutorials (original German title: “Arbeiten mit LaTeX”) about using LaTeX in an academic environment, especially as a student. The creation of these videos was funded by the Department of Computer Science, Universität Hamburg. They were accompanied by a seminar where students were able to attend and ask questions.

When I made these videos, I stated that I expected them to have value for about five years or so. LaTeX is an evolving tool and some of the advice given here is no longer accurate today, which I foresaw even at the time. That's not to mention the presentational shortcomings in these videos, which I feel I could do much better now. However, for reasons I can only guess, this series remains some of my most popular online content, so I have decided to keep it available for as long as there is interest.

Please note: These videos and all accompanying materials are only available in German. All videos are licensed to the public under CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0. The downloadable materials are dedicated to the public domain under CC-0. You can find a mirror copy at the Internet Archive. Music: (A) in Mono – Cube-shaped, used under CC-BY-NC 3.0.